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Stucco Repair Fountain Hills

Stucco Repair Fountain Hills

Stucco repair is something that almost every house in Fountain Hills, AZ needs. Over 90% of the homes built in Fountain Hills have a stucco exterior. We can do flat or plastered stucco. Whether you have a few small chipped off stucco pieces or need a whole new wall textured, stucco’d and painted, we can do it all.

Stucco repair in Fountain Hills is very popular due to the cost of brand new stucco jobs. Homeowners tend to repair the exterior of their homes versus applying brand new stucco. Often times matching up the paint can be difficult but our seasoned stucco professionals will do the best that they can do in regards to paint matching.

The more modern types of stucco seems to be the flat and clean look. We have lots of stucco jobs in Fountain Hills that we start with the rough stucco and then are asked to apply the smooth stucco on type of it. It’s a fantastic and modern look when we are completed.  Light brown, grey, white and beige are the most popular color types that we sell but of course we have a variety of over twelve exterior stucco colors to choose from.

Do you have vinyl siding or wood siding on your Fountain Hills house currently and would like to change to stucco? That is no problem! We can remove the siding, texture for stucco and then apply the stucco finish. Maybe you want to save some money and just apply stucco to the front of your house? Also not a problem! We apply stucco to just the visible part of the home all of the time. After the stucco repair comes the house painting.

Do you know what stucco is made of? It consists of:

*A Binder

Stucco will harder after it is applied wet and becomes dense solid. Most Fountain Hills residence choose stucco exterior because it is a decorative coating for walls and ceilings.

Did you know that you can even use stucco to cover metal?  We normally cover cinder block, adoble or brick but yes you can even cover metal!

Of course stucco needs to be reinforced to stop movement or cracking. We use wire mesh with screws to the framing to provide firmness for the stucco. Initially the first layer of stucco is referred to as a scratch coat. Then similar to cement, stucco is troweled to surface level. It is a beautiful product when finished! Along with being very low maintenance, stucco is also very durable. We do many stucco repair jobs in Fountain Hills and Maricopa County that the stucco has lasted 10,20 and even 30 years before it needs any repair.

stucco repair Fountain Hills

I would highly suggest stucco over almost any other types of exterior finishes in Arizona and all over the desert. The sun and heat doesn’t affect to the finish or shine at all. You can get a stucco finish in smooth, rough or a medium type finish. Some type of stucco have the paint included in the substance while other types you will need to paint the product after it’s installed and settled. You can paint this any type of color that you wish. That’s what makes this exterior finish so great, there are many options! Our company also remodels kitchens. We recently applied stucco to a Mexican restaurant in Fountain Hills. We had to work around the kitchen exhaust cleanersand a few other trades but finished the job in less than a week.

Why did we choose Fountain Hills to base our stucco repair, paintingand bathroom remodel you might ask? Well, the simple answer is because it’s a beautiful city! The fountain, that was built in 1970, erupts every hour and many families gather around to watch it shoot off. Many Fountain Hills residence don’t know this but the land where the fountain is was actually a cattle ranch prior to McCulloch Properties building the fountain. You can walk your dog around the fountain park or even jog down the sidewalks. Some of the most challenging golf courses are also in our great city. We love Fountain Hills and everything there is to do here!

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